Hockey Hollows

Multiple ice hockey skating sources online quote these sharpening guidelines for various combinations of 

  • skater position 
  • skater weight
  • skater ability
Please consult with your coach if you are unsure what hollow to ask for.
 Position BeginnerMedium AdvancedPro
 Goalie G G G G
  1/45/163/87/161/29/165/811/163/413/167/815/1611 1/161  1/81 3/161  1/41 5/161  3/81 7/16
4520A- D-  G              
5525DMA- D-  G             
6530 DMA- D-  G            
8540AM DMA- D-  G           
11050 AM DMA- D-  G          
12555D+ AM DMA- D-  G         
13560D*D+ AM DMA- D-  G        
15065A+D*D+ AM DMA- D-  G       
15570A*A+D*D+ AM DMA- D-  G      
16575 A*A+D*D+ AM DMA- D-  G     
17580  A*A+D*D+ AM DMA- D-  G    
18585   A*A+D*D+ AM DMA- D-  G   
20090    A*A+D*D+ AM DMA- D-  G  
21095     A*A+D*D+ AM DMA- D-  G 
220100      A*A+D*D+ AM DMA- D-  G