Welcome to EdgeWise Skate Sharpening

at Lee Valley Ice Centre, London, E10 7QL, UK.

EdgeWise skate sharpening service is available through the Skate Shop at the Ice Centre. We use the latest sharpening equipment to produce reliable and repeatable edges.

The shop opening hours are:

  • Thursday evenings 6.30pm to 9pm 
  • Saturday mornings 8:30am to 12 noon and 3pm to 5pm
  • Sunday mornings 8:30am to 12 noon

Sharpening during the shop opening hours is usually possible while-you-wait but I have to prioritise shop customers for skate fitting and purchases over sharpening. At times the shop gets very busy so I may not be able to sharpen them immediately. It takes about 10-15 minutes to sharpen and finish a pair of skates so please allow plenty of time and understand the priorities.

If you are not in urgent, immediate need of sharpening you can always leave your skates and collect them another time – either when the shop is next open (see above for opening hours) or request that the skates are left in a locker in the Skate Hire area. If you use the locker arrangement the key will be left at the Reception/Box Office for you to collect when you next arrive.

If you cannot get to the shop during its opening times you can also leave your skates in a locker for me to collect. You will need to leave the key at reception and please send me a text (07957 563698) to let me know you have done this saying when you need them back in the locker.

If you are a relative novice or advancing in your skating, we can sharpen your skates to give you the correct balance between grip and glide. Please see the Figure Hollows  or  Hockey Hollows pages for further details and discuss with your coach what would be most suitable for you.

EdgeWise aims to provide a personal service with each sharpening. With your permission, EdgeWise may track your sharpening history so that we can take on board your feedback and adjust your edges as your skating abilities and activities change. Please refer to our Privacy page for how we manage the data we hold.

For further information or to arrange sharpening, please email andy@edgewiseskates.co.uk